Craft project – Storage box for the princesses

Playing with dolls

The one gift V really had been wanting for the past month was a set of princess figurines. She first saw them and was playing with them at our friends’ house. She liked them so much that when we were leaving and V didn’t wan’t to say good bye to our friends daughter and her figurines, V was given one to take home. She carried it with her everywhere, she slept with it, and took it in the car when she went to school.

When her birthday came, she got a set of 7 princesses from her grandma. She loves them all. And she got a set of more figures and clothes to change them into from her Grandpa Dedo. Thanks, Grandma and thanks, Dedo.

princess figurines

We have quite a few figures now and needed a place to put them at the end of the day. I found a few empty shoe boxes in V’s closet and thought one would make an excellent storage box — with a little makeover, of course. The box has a nice lid that stays firmly shut when closed. Also, it has a little handle on the top.

Robeez shoe box

Most importantly, it has a window to see what’s inside. This is a really nice box.

shoe box window

So I pulled out my scrap suitcase and had V look at some fabrics.

suitcase of scraps

I had a few scraps of colored marbled fabric and she liked those. We decided to use that for the top and I picked a coordinating copper/brown material for the back and sides.

marbled scraps

I pre-cut the pieces during times when V was having a nap or asleep at night and a few days later we started with the decoupage gluing.

painting with glue

I did most of the gluing and placing of the marbled material on the front since it was more precise work. V helped me with the back and sides. It took about 24 hours to completely dry.

Decoupage shoe box

V had some difficulty getting the lid open so I glued some buttons on the sides as grips to help her pry the lid open. It helps.

decoupage shoe box - buttons

She’s happy with it. The figures and their clothes are still scattered all over the house, but at least I can tell her to put them in a specific place when she goes to pick them up.

taking a picture

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