My first chipboard book

V and I made a chipboard book for a relative’s birthday. She’s having a big birthday celebration in a couple of weeks and I wanted to give her something special from the whole family. It was 5 pieces of chip board, double sided, which came out to 10 “pages” to decorate. Mostly I used family photos and a few artsy collages. Here are pictures of some of the pages.

Chipboard book cover

V helped me with all the painting. Here she also helped me with sprinkling the glitter on one side, naturally.

chipboard message

I wanted a place to write a note and best wishes for her birthday so I made something in the style of a postcard. I have a lot of 1 cent stamps and used one as a decoration.

chipboard book collage

This is just a collage piece made with bits and pieces of things. Some stickers, stamps, a page from a gardening magazine, some lace and buttons.

chipboard book tissue paper

Since V enjoyed our craft project of decorating a cut-out flower with bits of crumpled tissue paper, I thought we’d make a smaller version of something similar. Quick and easy. And fun, of course.

chipboard book message

I have a few really small 2 x 2inch envelopes and wanted to use one somehow. I decided I’d make a mini-card to go in the envelope. I have a stencil for making those kinds of swirls but I used the wrong kind of stamping ink and everything began to smudge when I coated the top with a hardening finish. I was pretty disappointed with that, but what could I do about it. Nothing, really.

This was a fun project but very time consuming. I thought a lot about what I would do on each page. It’s a good thing I had a deadline to work with or else I’d have spent months instead of a few weeks working on this. I hope she’ll like it.

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