Sewing project – Another iPad cover

Since I seem to be making several iPad covers and I had trouble remembering the steps to making it, I decided I’d take more pictures of the process this time around.

First, pick two coordinating fabrics. The size needed is 10.5 inches x 19 inches. Seam allowance is 1/4 inch.

Put right sides together and sew a seam at the one of the shorter sides.

With the right sides facing out, measure where you want the iPad to lay. With your fingers, press a crease at the bottom.

Make sure you can see your crease.

Fold back your two pieces of fabric at the crease. The wrong sides should be facing out toward you.

Here’s another picture illustrating how you should fold out the material. The part that is going to be the pocket should be sandwiched in the middle.

Sew a straight seam around 3 of the sides leaving a small gap on one of those sides, where you are going to turn everything right-side out (in the picture below it’s at the bottom). Make sure you don’t catch the side of the pocket. Don’t sew a seam on the short side (in the picture below, on the left side) where the pocket is.

Push the material through the gap you left in the side.

Once the cover is laying out correctly, put your iPad inside to make sure it fits.

Sew closed the gap, and measure and sew on velcro fasteners.

Here’s the finished product.

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