Ideas on keeping kids busy

I got a few new books on what to do with little kids. Creative games and activities to keep little ones busy.

After looking through them I did get excited about some really good ideas. One idea Ms. Kuffner (who is a mom of 4 kids) had is to create a “job jar” where you write a bunch of small jobs on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. When he or she comes to you and says “Mommy, what should we do now?” they pick something out of the jar. Tasks can be anything simple like wipe the door nobs clean or wipe the refrigerator, or dust a specific area in the house.

Then there are the 365 activities the author gives. So many are really simple ideas that had me smiling. For instance, cleaning coins. Put some old coins in a bowl and give your kid an old toothbrush and some soap to clean them. For older kids you can show them how vinegar and salt can make a coin shiny.

I also like the idea of giving a deck of cards to a toddler and asking them to separate reds and blacks, or by suits. V loves to match or separate things so this would be a good activity for her.

Or hiding a ticking egg timer somewhere in the house and have your child find it by listening for the ticking sound. I’ve got to get an egg timer!

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