Kids project – Butterfly book

finished butterfly book

Thanks to the wonderful paper-crafts blog Oops, I craft my pants, I got the idea to create a small book of butterflies. I have to give credit to Kira from her blog for inspiring me, and I did take many of her ideas. Since this was the first time I’d tried something like this, I felt like I had training wheels on and had to look to others for ideas. I’ll get better as we do more of these, and we will.

I had the idea that I could make this book, and other future chipboard books with V. She loves to decorate pages, and if I give her a task and guide her on what we want to do, she does very well.

So the both of us liked making this butterfly book. We used glitter, stamps, stickers, ribbons, paint, and sequins. It took us a very long time, over 2 months, to complete this, mostly because there were so many stages.


First, I cut out butterfly wings using a template on white, sturdy cardstock. Then I had V paint them in various colors.

butterfly colors

After they dried, I made some designs using back paint (thanks again, Kira).

butterfly designs

For the decorating, V was happy to do as much as she could. She applied all the “eyes” with the help of her grandpa Dedo. She did the glitter and glued on the sequins, again with the help of Dedo. I did the stamps, ribbons, beads, and some of the stickers. Here’s pictures of all the pages decorated.

blue butterfly

yellow butterfly

green butterfly

pink butterfly

purple butterfly

One of our relatives is having a birthday in a couple of months and I’ve already started collecting do-dads for decorating the next happy-birthday-themed chipboard book. It will take us those few months to complete all the steps and do all the decorating, but it will be worth it.

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