Scary stories

Sometimes we get books for V and then realize that they’ll be put away — permanently. This was the case with a large book of fairytales based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. I suppose a lot of those stories are just plain weird to begin with, but sometimes interpretations of these stories are too much for little children.

Even if we don’t read the stories, some of the pictures are rather disturbing. Here’s a few from Hansel and Gretel.

What do you say when your kid asks, “Mommy, what is she doing?” Do you tell her the little girl in the story is killing the mean old lady? She’s pushing her into the hot fire of the oven?

I’m not a fan of Alice in Wonderland so I’d never read the story, but here’s a crazy picture from that story.

I wouldn’t even begin to guess what to explain for this picture.

So IM asked me to get rid of the book. Then he suggested I could cut it up for crafts, using some of the nicer images. And that’s what I’ve done. So I’ve got it somewhere in my bookshelf, on the shelf, so to speak, with other projects on my to-do list.

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