Kids project – Sorting hearts

lots of hearts

I’ve read a couple of craft blog posts with using egg cartons as a sorting container, and it gave me the idea to make something quick for V to play quietly with on the table.

I stamped out hearts in 12 different kinds of paper, and then glued one of each heart at the bottom cup of the egg carton. That’s basically it.

sorting hearts

It took her a long time to sort all the hearts — I had 12 of each paper, into 12 spaces. That’s a lot of hearts. I had to help her and to encourage her along. She happily finished it once but wasn’t intersted in repeating it again. I left it on the window sill and she took it down to play with it the second day, but only to play with the hearts.


I’ll hold on to it for a little bit longer and see if we can get a few more sessions out of it.

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