The second time around

V has a little brother who is 6 weeks old today. Things are definitely different the second time around. It’s much easier. Obviously having V has trained me to know what to do and how to take care of a baby. I can tell the difference in cries, and generally know what to look for when a baby is upset or fussy. And, well, I simply have more confidence in myself to deal with things.

Thus far T has been a very good little boy. He’s eating well and sleeping well. He cries of course, but not a lot. And he’s able to do a few things already:

  • He had his head up by week two.
  • He started smiling at me this past week. Just a few times, right after feeding, but he was definitely happy and smiling.
  • He’a able to bat at the toys hanging from his jungle gym. He can’t use his fingers yet but has good aim with his hands.
  • He does what I call “inch-worming”. While on his stomach, if I make a barrier for him to brace his feet against, he can push against it and scoot himself along the carpet.

He seems pretty sharp, and well, I guess it’s just his mother being partial, but he’s pretty darn cute too!

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