The odd inch scrap of paper

In searching for craft ideas for myself and for things I can do with V, I came across a blog from Kira Nichols, a really creative gal who makes art from paper crafts. One of the things she does a lot of is something called “inchies”. An inchie is a 1 inch x 1 inch piece of decorated paper that is then used to create a mini-book, or used to decorate other paper craft items. Here’s a picture of some of her inchies.


I thought they were so darn cute and felt like I wanted to make some of these too. For what purpose? Who knows. I was just compelled.

I started to cut my 1 inch pieces, but then realized that was just too small for me to work with. So I decided to go with 2 inch squares better.


What I did was take a piece of watercolor paper, paint it with a mix of water colors, and then cut out the squares once the paper dried. Then I took a square and inked the edges with a black ink pad to define the borders.


I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate them yet, never mind what to do with them. I stamped a few that I’m going to use on a project with V.


So I have about 20 of these un-finished little squares. The funny thing is that sometimes a year or so will go by before I get back to a project I’ve started. I’m in no rush to wait for inspiration to strike. I think I’d like to do a set and then frame them for the kids’ room. We’ll see… .

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