Kids project – Water-color painting

watercolor painting1

I’ve been thinking about the idea of introducing V to water-color painting and wondering when the right time would be. Thus far she’s had some good practice with a paintbrush and paint, making her much more confident in handling a brush. Since she has gotten better at coloring within the lines in regular coloring books, I thought she might do okay with watercolors. Today was our first attempt, and she did just great.

watercolor painting2

She listened when I explained how to dip the brush into the water and mix it with the paint. She cleaned the brush in a small cup of water before going to the next color. And she wiped the brush on tissue paper when there was too much water. I think she kind of enjoyed being meticulous with the paints.

watercolor painting3

We used a basic set of Crayola watercolors in 8 colors. I was very happy with the vibrancy of the colors and how well they went on to the watercolor paper. I traced an illustration onto a piece of the watercolor paper from a great coloring book. We’ll be using lots of these illustrations.

Here’s her final product.

watercolor painting4

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