Kids project: Melted-crayon hearts

Crayon-shavings hearts

V and I have decided that we like to have the window in the dining room decorated with something on it all the time. We started with hanging some Christmas ornaments on the window and since we took those down, we needed to put something else in its place.

I’ve been waiting to do this crayon project for a long time and decided this was the right time. It’s a bit messy and time consuming, but well worth it.

I have a very vivid memory of doing this project when I was in the first grade. I remember that the eighth graders had to pair up with us to help us make our “stain-glass” pictures, and remember totally loving my creation. I knew I had to do this with V and that she would like it.

The concept is ironing multi-colored crayon shavings between pieces of wax paper. The crayon melts and spreads, mixing the colors nicely. Place the ironing between a frame of some sort and you’ve got a piece of art.

crayon heart1

Hearts are always fun and an easy shape to work with. I cut out some black construction paper into various sizes of hearts and then had V take the glitter glue and make an outline around each heart. She chose silver, gold, and red glitters. I think this was the best part for her. What little girl doesn’t love glitter. Glitter that comes out as glue is really great. It takes a long time to dry but once done, it looks really striking on the paper, especially on a black background.

crayon heart2

Here’s the glitter pens we use. I’m totally happy with these.

glitter glue

I did the shaving of all the crayon colors. V helped me pour and place them between sheets of wax paper, and then I did the ironing, of course. The heat has to be on a very low setting or it will get ruined. It needs just enough heat to melt.

The red one came out best but it was hard to take a picture with the red glitter showing. It really is pretty.

crayon heart3

Then V helped me attach the heart frames around the wax paper. She loved the result and couldn’t wait to show her daddy.

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