Sewing project: Holidays tablecloth

blue tablecloth wrunner1

Here’s another tablecloth I made – sort of. I made the runner that goes down the middle, and then sewed it into an existing tablecloth.

blue tablecloth wrunner2

I love the Target brand tablecloths. The material is thick and sturdy, and when it comes out of the dryer it’s not too wrinkly. I have a green tablecloth from this material already and I wanted to have one in blue for Christmas dinner and New Year.

I found a pattern and material at a sewing expo I went to a couple months ago and though it would be perfect between a royal-blue tablecloth.

runner pattern1

runner pattern2

It does look really nice together.

runner insert

I had some extra pieces and made a strip assembling the same collection of material. I used it to make another iPad cover, which I gave to my mom. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it came out nicely. And my mom like it. Yay!

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