What goes inside the purse

If you have a purse or wallet, what goes inside? Sometimes it money, keys, ID or a credit card, right? I wanted some cards for V’s purse and instead of finding old expired ID cards or credit cards of mine, I thought I’d make her some.


I wanted a bank card, a library card, a “food” card, and something with a band-aid on it. I went online and found all the images I wanted and then created the layouts in PhotoShop. The illustration for the library card came from a Finnish postage stamp. The food card took the longest since I had to find high-res images of fruits and vegetables. And I stuck a real band-aid on the band-aid card. It says, “Present this card to your mom or dad to get a band-aid for wherever you want.” V asks us for band-aids every other day so this card will come in handy for her… .

After I printed them out, I got them laminated. I like them. I think they’re cute. I made a whole bunch of them so friends of mine who have little kids might be receiving some in a purse or wallet some time in the future.

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