Kids project: Paper-plate crown

paper plate crown1

V has asked me a couple of times for a crown. She saw the animated Disney movie “Tangled”, which is the story of Rapunzel, and wanted to wear a crown too. Since I’m not interested in her doing any “princess” stuff any time soon, I wanted to stay away from tiaras and such. Still, I had the idea that we could make a crown at home with things that we already have on-hand: paper, glue, scissors, paint, colored construction paper, and glitter.

I went online and sure enough, found someone else who had the idea to make a crown out of a paper plate. Since I happened to have a few paper plates in my cupboard, I thought that would be a great start.

I also need to say that V loves, loves, loves to paint. I think I’ve mentioned that before. Any excuse to paint anything, and she’s ready to go. When I told her we were going to do a craft and make a crown, and that we were going to paint it first, she started dancing around the living room. She was that happy.

I made 6 cuts in the plate to make the center stand up. Then we painted it a pretty sky blue. After that we took some pieces of colored construction paper to make the “jewels”. We mostly cut up many small pieces (since V loves to cut things up with scissors) but then also made 6 larger shapes that we would eventually glue onto the standing wedges. We put glitter on the 6 shapes to make them sparkle a bit more.

paper plate crown2

Then glue all the construction paper pieces on and wait for the crown to dry. The waiting was probably the hardest part since, as you can imagine, V was anxious to try it on right away. She had to wait for her daddy to get home from work before the glue was dry but then go to show it off right away. Yay!

The plate is a little small for her big head. Next time I’ll have to find a bigger size paper plate. But other than that, this was a fun project and V loves it.

paper plate crown3

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