“Why are you laughing, Mommy?”

V is definitely developing her sense of humor. Often she experiments with changing the words around in a song like, “Old MacDonald had a farm… . And on that farm he had a skirt.” I often laugh at the things she comes up with and then she asks, “Why are you laughing, Mommy?”

I guess she wants to know what makes something funny. Why are somethings funny and some not. That’s a pretty good skill to learn to recognize.

When I answer, I say something like, “Because old MacDonald has a skirt”, or “Because you are singing a funny song.” It’s no wonder that ‘because’ is a new word she’s been trying to use often in sentences.

What’s really funny is for her to say something that amuses herself, she laughs, and then she asks herself, “Why are you laughing, V?” Presently her answer is “Because–” and she’ll have no explanation. She’ll have an answer soon when she learns more words.

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