Sewing project – Two more dresses

two dresses
Since V had been asking me for a pink dress for a little while, I thought I’d give sewing a dress another try. After I made her birthday dress that was just short of a disaster, I really didn’t want to try sewing a little girl dress again. Still, I guess you have to keep on practicing at something before you get any good, so here I went. I made a pink dress and a purple one – her two favorite colors.

I consulted my good friend and sewing buddy W on what would be a good pattern to follow. She showed me her stash of patterns she has for sewing for her grand-daughter and graciously allowed me to borrow some. I decided that I would try two dresses, well, jumpers really.

dress with buttons

One required a zipper (totally new experience for me) and the other was buttons at the shoulders. Both were certainly challenging and it took me a very long time to complete. About 2 weeks for the both and not working on much besides these sewing projects. I had to read and re-read everything and take things slowly. Overall I’m satisfied. It really was a learning experience and I hope that I can make one or both of these dresses in the future, with a much shorter sewing time.

Both materials are sparkly, which is a huge draw for 2-year-old girls.

sparkly material

I also planned to put pockets on both, but decided on pockets only for the purple.

4 thoughts on “Sewing project – Two more dresses

  1. They look great! I’m really glad you haven’t given up 🙂 Good luck! I have some Burdas with baby patterns, if you come up with a new project.

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