Sewing project – Mary Jane slippers

Here’s another little project that is part craft, part wearable item: slippers. I thought about making these for when V was going on a trip to visit her relatives abroad. I wanted to have something for her to wear on the airplane, and then on all the relatives houses she would visit since everyone has hard floors in their houses.

The idea comes from another one of my favorite sewing books, Sewing Bits and Pieces. It’s all about using those fabric scraps.

Between the lining and base, I sewed in a layer of quilting batting to give the shoe some cushion. For the sole I used black corduroy. There’s a bit of elastic in the strap to keep it in place.

She likes to wear them even around our house that is almost fully carpeted. They won’t last for long since they’re already on the small side. I originally started with another pair but quickly discovered they were too small from the get go and had to create something new. These will be for someone else I have in mind.

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