Potty training – done

We got V potty trained at 2 years, 2 months. Of course it was a continuing effort, starting when she was 11 months old. Some techniques worked, others didn’t. For anyone interested in our potty-training process, here’s what I learned.

It all came down to having V run around naked and not being able to depend on the fact that the diaper was always there. I noticed she had started to get lazy about even trying to use the potty when she figured it was easier to simply go in her diaper. No diaper, no “safety net”. Three days of being naked , more or less, and we were set.

I discovered it’s really no use to try potty training unless your child understands what is pee-pee and what is ca-ca. If they don’t know what that is, they won’t know where it’s supposed to go.

Another critical piece is that your child needs to understand “it’s coming”. That feeling — when you got to go — when you see your child looking suspiciously like something is coming, you have to bring it to their attention so that they know time plays a role. If you ask, “Is ca-ca coming?” And they say yes, that’s a huge step in their understanding of the potty process and getting them to run there as fast as possible.

Another helpful thing was to encourage V with stickers. Every time she went, she got a sticker for a successful visit. One sticker for pee and one for ca-ca. She loved the stickers and totally got into collecting them on a poster on the fridge.

She very quickly outgrew the little potty (pictured at the top) and instead was much more comfortable on the child-seat over the toilet (below). The little potty was more of a bathroom decoration from 11 months until she was potty trained. That same week she was potty trained I ordered the toilet seat. Also, I think it makes her feel like a big girl, which she certainly is.

Now it’s three months later since she became potty trained. From time to time she still wets the bed and still pees in her underwear, simply because she’s too distracted with whatever she’s doing at the time and doesn’t want to stop to go to the bathroom. Her parents need to keep asking her and reminding her that she needs to use the potty. Or to simply take her by the hand to the bathroom without asking.

There’s always room for improvement, but overall I’m still pleased with her and think she’s doing great.

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