Craft project – Painting a kids table and chairs

A very good friend of ours passed along a great kids table and chairs that her kids had grown out of. Here’s what it looked like originally.

kids table1

It’s a great table. Very solid — heavy — and sturdy.

I had the idea that I wanted to paint it a solid color, and possibly decorate it some how. Decoupage? Paint it in a folk-style with some decorative flowers? Or stencil some train tracks on the surface? It took me forever to decide what I wanted to do. And then I had to get the help of the husband and my father-in-law.

I bought a primer, paint and top coat, all in white, and the guys did the hard work of sanding down everything. It took several hours. I did all the painting and that took several more hours, over a week of time. And then it needed another week to fully dry. This was a HUGE undertaking and having done it, I don’t think I will ever voluntarily paint anything this big again.

kids table2

By the time the paint had dried, honestly, I had almost lost all interest in finishing the table. But V really needed it. She totally loves this table and we needed to get it back in her space.

So I settled on a small decorative decal that I put in the middle of the table. And two more for the seats. They’re nothing fancy; just enough to add some kind of design element to the starkness of the white paint.

kids table3

We finished everything last month.

kids table4

This table and chairs get used a lot. V is on it almost every day, coloring or doing crafts. Since I’m sitting there a lot as well, I thought I’d make some cushions for the chairs to make them a bit more comfortable. They are pretty hard and uncomfortable after sitting for longer periods of time.

kids table5

I found some foam cushion at the craft store and already had some material at home (no surprise). I made these covers and slipped the cushion in, but after I tested them out, I realized the foam is too thin and provides almost no cushion at all! Darn!

kids table6

Well, at least they look good.

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