Sewing project – Cloth napkins

cloth napkins2

Since V was born we’ve been using cloth diapers almost every single day. We’re no longer catching drool or wiping up spit up, but use them as cloth napkins for at the dinner table. Cloth napkins get used quite a lot, at every meal, and I like using them. We never switched to paper napkins and hopefully wont when we are at home. I haven’t minded that these cloth diapers get more and more stained over time. They’re used a lot and will go through a huge pile before going into the laundry.

I had the idea of using some of my sewing materials to make some cloth napkins that would look a little bit prettier on the table. Plus, V isn’t a baby anymore and I think we can start to move away from using the cloth diapers.

cloth napkins1

So I made four cloth napkins using eight different materials that matched in pairs.

cloth napkins3

I used fat-quarters and cut them down to a square of 18in x 18in. Then I sewed them together. I like them. They look kind of fancy. Well, after a couple of weeks of use they should look a little more broken in.

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