Sewing project – Car organizer #2

car backseat organizer

Some months ago I made a small organizer that I keep on the back seat of the car. Well, I’d been planning on making this new, bigger organizer for some time, and just got to it this past week. The pattern comes from McCalls.

It hangs on the back of the driver’s side seat or front passenger seat so that while sitting in the back you can store odds and ends. I wanted to make this because V has gotten quite big in her car seat and can kick the back of the seat in front of her and make it dirty with her shoes. This organizer also serves as a protector and she can kick this all she wants.

car organizer2

Still, I hope it will be cute enough that she won’t want to kick it.

car organizer3

Pretty bright, hmm? I raided my scraps pile to find colorful pieces that would basically go well together. It’ll work I suppose.

car organizer4

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