Awesome cookie cutters

I love cookie cutters. I have at least 20 different shapes that I would love to use more often. The problem? They are made from the usual aluminium, and they get rust spots on them. I suppose that’s ok. I mean, many people use aluminum cookie cutters and no one complains. But I just don’t like the idea of rust rubbing up against something that I’m eventually going to eat, and no matter how much scrubbing I do, the rust never completely comes off. And then it just comes back again anyway.

So imagine my delight at seeing cookie cutters, in the cutest shapes, made from plastic. Yay for my local Daiso Japanese import store!! Love the animals.

Daiso cookie cutters2

The sets of hearts and stars are great too. Those are perfect for making medovniky – honey cookies, and gingerbread cookies.

Daiso cookie cutters

Of course we had to try them out immediately after I bought them a few weeks ago. We used the chocolate spice cookie recipe.

Daiso cookie cutters3

Yay! They work! Time to get rid of my collection of aluminum cookie cutters.

Daiso cookie cutters4

2 thoughts on “Awesome cookie cutters

  1. It’s adorable, and I can think of lots of things to put in it!

    (Of course, I’m a total ‘bag person’, so that comes as no surprise!)

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