What to wear

r2 shirt

V loves clothes. She loves to pick what she wants to wear and if I’d allow her, she’d change her clothes several times a day. My limit is three times. Most of the time she wants to be in skirts and dresses. She loves purple, though her green summer dress and pink ruffle skirt that is similar to the one her cousin E has is pretty popular too.

It’s pretty interesting how she has gravitated towards such girlie clothes since I don’t wear skirts or dresses all that often (mostly because I need to update my wardrobe — I don’t fit into much of anything in my closet in over a year — and it would be too much work to do so). She loves bright colors, sparkle-anything, hearts, butterflies, and flowers. Getting dressed and going out somewhere, anywhere, is so much fun to her. And, of course, choosing a pair of shoes is part of the fun of getting ready to go out, even though she always chooses the same pair.

We’re slow to get changed out of pajamas in the morning. What’s the rush, really. Usually we wait until after breakfast and then she tells me what she wants to wear. This morning was different.

I woke V at 8:30am. After a few minutes to properly wake up, the first thing she says to me is “black pants.”

“Black pants?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “And R2-D2 shirt”

Hm. No skirt today. Okay. The funny thing is, the dark pants and dark shirt go together. She’s getting very good at matching things together. I was impressed with her choice this morning.

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