A visit to the pet store


Several times a month, V and I make a trip to the pet store not far from where we live. There’s so much to see in a pet store: cats, birds, snakes, mice, frogs and turtles, hamsters. And don’t forget about the fish. It’s like a mini-trip to the zoo.

Our favorite is to go in the rooms full of kittens and play with them for 10 minutes or so. V has learned what a kitten sounds like when it purrs and it’s funny to listen to her try to imitate it. We’ve made friends with the lady who attends to the cats and she has no problems with us coming in regularly for our “kitty fix”, as she calls it.

Once we came when an employee was placing the snakes back in their aquariums. We watched as he carefully handled them while explaining that they have to take them in the back of the store for their feeding. Seems that it would be too traumatic for customers to watch a snake attack and consume a living mouse right before their eyes–I agree. So they feed the snakes in back. This guy was nice and even let V stroke a snake carefully.


The fish are another favorite. Tanks and tanks colorful fish in all shapes and sizes. I love when she comments like, “Big eyes!” or “Cute!” Once there was a tank of small white fish with black spots on them. She pointed at them and said “Harry the dirty dog.”

Harry the Dirty Dog is a book that we read at home from time to time about a white dog with black spots who runs away from home because he doesn’t want to take a bath. He plays outside and gets so dirty that when he comes home, his family doesn’t recognize him. So he sneaks into the house to have a bath and his family is glad to see him again. It was funny that V could associate the fish’s coloring to the dog in the story. Luckily I could understand what she said and make the association myself. Then I could effusively say, “Yes, they do look like Harry the dirty dog!”

Next door to the pet store is a large grocery store. After we finish with the animals, we go next door for a snack and to do some grocery shopping. Then we stroll home some time before noon, done with our morning excursion.

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