Another pair of new shoes


Ok, so V has a lot of shoes already. It’s mostly because she grows out of her older ones very several months or so. So now that I have an idea of what types of shoes are good for her at one time, I decided that she should have 3 types of shoes: a sport shoe for running in the dirt (which she does a lot of with her dad), a sandal for going for walks around our neighborhood, and for going to the park; and a dress shoe for when she wears dresses and skirts.

Her new pink dress shoes arrived last week and man, she loves to wear these shoes. I showed them to her in the evening, almost just before she went to bed. I did this because she was cranky and starting to cry from being tired and I wanted to distract her. I showed her the shoes and sure enough, no more tears. The funny thing is that when she woke up in the morning, she asked for the shoes first thing. I couldn’t believe she remembered them from seeing them only a few minutes the night before.

These are great because she can take them off and put them on all by herself. They’re also comfortable. We still haven’t taken them outside yet so she wears them inside the house since they are clean. She’s definitely a shoe person. It’s really amazing how she just loves her pink sandals too.

One thought on “Another pair of new shoes

  1. Move over Imelda Marcos! 🙂

    Actually almost all little girls like shoes, and the little boys I know could care less…

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