Craft project – Small chest of drawers

I had time on Sunday to finish the chest of drawers I initially found at the Goodwill. If you will remember, the chest originally looked like this:

I did quite a lot to this little box and my journey to get it done took quite a lot of work. Mostly, a great deal of time went into figuring out what the heck I wanted to do with it. At first I thought I’d paint it, and then draw something on it. I quickly realized what a lot of work it would be to transfer a design on to the wood, and instead decided to do a blend of paint and decoupage.

I went to an amazing craft sale of used items, mostly stamps, but also great stuff like paper, card stock, inks, etc., and got some great craft items at a low price. Among the things I bought were a new copper color ink pad ($3), a paper-corner hole puncher (75 cents) and a stack of design card stock ($2). I also got a bunch of used rubber stamps (10 cents each). I used all of those things on this chest.

First I measured and then cut out my card stock to cover parts of the wood.

The I punched out the corners with my new corner hole puncher. These are very cool.

After that, I removed the knobs on the drawers and started painting the box. I painted it a light brown but wanted to make the edges look a little worn, so I used a black ink pad and then the copper ink pad. You can see the ink colors in the detail here.

Then I glued the paper on with Mod Podge. Once that was dry I coated everything with more Mod Podge.

Once it was dry, I started on the hardware for the drawer handles. I found these key-themed accents at the Michael’s craft store. I believe they are originally intended for scapbooking. I though they would make good handles if I glued the key into the keyhole plate. The problem was that the keys and keyhole plates didn’t match! The keys didn’t fit, which is a bit ridiculous. If you sell a set of plates and keys, you’d expect for them to match. Anyway, I had to spend a good hour sanding down the key and the key hole plate to fit. It finally did. I carved out a bit of the wood in the drawer to make more room for the key to sit in glue.

While that dried, I sanded down a few spots on the paper where I wanted to put some copper-colored stamps. I stamped a couple leaves and insects on the top, front and sides. They are pretty subtle, which is nice.

Then I coated everything again with another layer of varnish.

At the moment it’s close to my other sewing things. I’m not sure what its destiny is yet, if it’s staying with me or going to someone else.

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