Making her own book

While I was in the office supply store with V a couple of months ago, she found a small blank book. She loved holding it and flipping through the blank pages. Since it was only a dollar, I bought it for her and we decided to put it in her treasure box.

I put a “V” sticker on the top of the book and showed her how to color or draw in the pages to add something to it.


Now that she’s getting better at doing more than just scribbling, she likes to color or draw squiggles on different pages. Then over the days, she goes back to the book and looks over what she has done.

When she likes something, she puts it into her pink push cart and pushes the cart around the house. Sometimes I find her book in there and I’ll take it out and put it back in treasure box for her to find the next time around.

In this picture she’s also wearing tag bracelets from her treasure box. Soon I’ll have to take a picture of just what is inside that box as a record. But I’m constantly adding things that I think she’ll enjoy playing with and that are “treasurable”, whatever that may mean to me or her.

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