My doll Mary

After reading my latest blog posts on what’s been going on in my and V’s world, my mom told me that I’m a good mom. She sounded relieved, reminding me that when I was little I’d spank my doll frequently and I chopped its hair off.

Poor Mary. That was my doll. I remember her. After a short google search, I found her, on eBay of course.

Fisher Price Ann doll

Her name is actually “Ann”. I never knew that. She’s something called a “lap doll”, made by Fisher Price in 1973. This one looks quite nice. The body of mine got quite bunched after going through the wash so many times. And the hair of my Mary was cut unattractively — by me, I guess. A lot of hair fell out, too. Again, probably the washing machine (and maybe the stress of being my doll).

I wonder if Mary is still in my parents’ house somewhere. Maybe I’ll have to look for her the next time I go home. Still, I’m not sure what I’d feel if I saw her again. Probably guilt that I didn’t treat her better. And maybe too, some relief that I turned out to be a better mother in real life than I was to Mary.

3 thoughts on “My doll Mary

  1. You and your mom are hysterical. I love it!

    Please tell her you are a fantastic mom! (And she must be, too, as she’s reading your blog. My kids won’t even look at any of mine…)

    Lots of people mutilate their dolls one way or another–it’s just another part of the learning process–or, maybe yet again–maybe we are getting the desire to mutilate something out of our system before we have children! ๐Ÿ™‚

    At least you didn’t paint your little sister with red nail polish ON HER FOREHEAD and AROUND her EYES and all over her belly, and your mom didn’t use turpentine (like I did, in a panic) to get it off her!

    And you didn’t use red permanent marker to “color in” the pretty red flowers on the brand new bathroom wallpaper… (I should probably stop here; I’m beginning to sound like a mother who never knew what her children were up to, which is totally untrue most of the time!)

  2. We have the same doll that was mine! Ciaran loves her and calls her “Baby Boo.” So fun to know what her “real” name is/was. And how fun that she was “born” the year we were! ๐Ÿ™‚

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