Sewing project – Tag blanket


A tag blanket, or a sensory blanket is a soft piece of cloth for a baby, that has ribbons attached to the seems. The idea is that babies like to hold on to and chew things that stick out from something else, and if your put colorful ribbons on something, it will likely get their attention.

The size of the blanket can be as big or as little as you decide. I wanted something more of a toy that a baby or toddler could drag around, not necessarily something to cover up with for sleeping.

Friends of ours are having a baby next month and I wanted to make one of these, mainly because it looked easy to do, and I wanted an excuse to sew colorful ribbons on something.

At the fabric store I found this blue minky, extra soft material that went along very well with the owls in flannel. I’m on an owl kick at the moment, it seems.

I looped pieces of ribbon, sewed them shut and then sewed them onto the owl material with a zig-zag stitch. I really wanted those ribbons to stay put.


Then I sewed a basting stitch around the two pieces, right sides together, and left an opening where I could turn it right side out. Then I serged the pieces together. I’m borrowing a serger from a friend of mine to see if I like one enough to eventually get one. First attempt at making something with a serger was a success.


After I flipped it to face out correctly, I sewed closed the opening, ironed it, and was done.

It’s super soft. I have enough material for three of these. One is spoken for, the second I made and V ran off with it somewhere, and the third I didn’t have enough extra ribbon pieces so I’ll have to wait a bit before making the third.

2 thoughts on “Sewing project – Tag blanket

  1. That is SO cute! What a lovely idea for a baby gift. I do know that babies absolutely love pulling on the ribbons and chewing them. Congrats on your serger use as well!

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