Sewing project – My first dresden plate


Since I has some nice pieces of quality quilting material left over from my owl quilt I made last month, I decided that I wanted to make a dresden plate using that color palate. This is my first dresden plate for a table centerpiece.


The material is all Robert Kaufman designed. I note that more for myself than anything. I’ll have forgotten by the time I plan to find more of that material.

I bought a dresden plate ruler and followed the tutorial on how to make one.

I experimented with placing owls at every other blade, but that didn’t work. Also, too much brown didn’t work either and instead I went with more green.


This was a fun thing to do and not at all difficult. It took me about 2 days to do, mostly because I was going slow the first time through and wanted everything to work as it should. Considering that people used to do this all by hand and I did it with a sewing machine, I didn’t think I went slowly at all.

I sewed carefully between the blades and around all of them with “invisible” thread. It’s a clear, thin, plastic thread that I didn’t know existed before I read about it online and then bought some. It worked great and it really is difficult to see. Neat stuff.

I really enjoyed making this and will definitely be doing lots more in the future.

UPDATE: September 2011. We gave this to IM’s grandmother and she LOVED it! IM said she went on and on about the detail and quality of the piece. I was so thrilled 🙂 Since she has given me many of the tablecloths she had hand embroidered decorations, I was really glad to have made something for her that she liked and enjoyed.

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