Watching yourself eat


This evening V had some toast bread with Nutella on it and got a good deal of it on her face. Since she puts up a fuss when I try to wipe her mouth, I decided I’d give her a mirror to see the mess and let her tendency for cleanliness persuade her to let me clean her face. It worked; once she saw the smudges on her face, she was eager to let me wipe it off with a warm damp cloth.

But when she wanted to continue holding the mirror and watch herself chew food, that’s when the fun began for her and for those of us watching her.

What’s in my mouth?

What does it look like when I chew?

What do my teeth do while I chew?

What does the food look like after I’ve chewed for 2 seconds?

For 7 seconds?

What does it look like when I swallow?

What does my tongue look like when I stick it out and wiggle it?

These are all questions V must have asked herself and found sufficient answer to while looking in the mirror. We enjoyed watching her discover.

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