Gingerbread baby

V is crazy about the book Gingerbread Baby, by Jan Brett. She could have it read to her several times in the day and not get tired of it.

It’s the story of a boy and his mom who are baking gingerbread cookies. The boy, Matti, checks the cookies before they are done and out jumps the gingerbread baby, leading them all on a merry chase around the town. In the end, Matti makes a gingerbread house to catch the gingerbread baby.

It’s kind of a weird story that makes little logical sense, but V really loves it. She likes it so much that she has memorized passages, even an entire page — 4 sentences — and can recite them. She doesn’t even let me read it, just says, “Do it! Do it!”, meaning she wants to say it.

Her favorite lines are when Matti checks the oven:

They popped him in the oven.

Tick, tock. Matti peeked. Too soon!

Out jumped a gingerbread baby!

Sometimes she has me read the same page again and again, three or four times before I say no more and we have to move to the next page.

We got the next book on this theme by Jan Brett called Gingerbread Friends. It’s ok and V likes it immensely, but there’s something else to that gingerbread baby in the first book. Maybe because the gingerbread man is being chased? It’s a fun story. And with the beautiful illustrations by Jan Brett, it keeps me equally entertained. There’s not many books that can do that.

2 thoughts on “Gingerbread baby

  1. The artwork alone in a Jan Brett book makes them awesome. Such beautiful books.

    (I have never figured out WHY kids want to repeat them over and over and over again; it has to be hard-wiring something in those little brains.)

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