Bunny has a dress


A few days ago I took V grocery shopping with me. While we were in the store and I was wheeling her around in the shopping cart, she held up her bunny — her travel companion for this trip — and said, “Need a dress”. At first I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but since she was holding bunny up and wiggling it in front of my face, I quickly figured it out.

“Bunny needs a dress?”


Hmmm. Since this was an idea completely out of her own head, I decided to pay it immediate attention. Well, in a day or two. This afternoon after she woke up from her nap, I suggested we go pick out some material, from my growing stock pile of scraps, and make bunny a dress. We picked out the same material that I used to make her birthday dress.

V knows what “make” is, because she knows Matti from the gingerbread book makes a gingerbread house. She also knows “sew” because she sees me do that all the time. So when I told her we were going to make the dress, and that we would sew it, she was on board from the get go. This means she sits on my lap and pushes the buttons when I direct her to, or lifts and lowers the presser foot lever. She even gets to use my special scissors with my careful supervision. That’s her favorite part.

I didn’t want to make it a time consuming endeavor, which I’m an expert at. So I basically did the fastest hemming and sewing that I possibly could, with V all the while sitting on my lap.

Here’s the bunny dress.


It’s more of a halter-top dress. It’s so tight on poor bunny, but actually that turned out in my favor. I don’t need to sew on straps, and V can’t take the dress off bunny. And she hasn’t figured out it might be fun to take off and put doll clothes yet.

How did she like it? She loved it! I slipped on the dress while she was fiddling with a scrap of thread and when I showed it to her, she grabbed it, hugged it hard, and then rocked it, all with a huge smile on her face. And then we had to immediately go and put on her dress to match bunny.


Her daddy and grandpa loved it too, and she was proud since she helped me make it.


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