Laundry basket


V has confiscated my laundry basket to use it as a holder for her toys. She pushes it around the house or sometimes pulls it with the shoelaces attached to it.


And she often climbs in and sits among her kingdom of toys in the basket. Then she wants someone to pull her around.


The downside is that I don’t have a laundry basket to put the clean clothes in. The plus side is that when clothes are finished drying and the next load needs to go in, I have to fold everything and put it away immediately. Typically clothes would sit in the laundry basket for several days before I got around to putting them away. I kind of wish I had my basket back. There’s nothing like putting off laundry.

One thought on “Laundry basket

  1. Kids LOVE sitting in baskets and having something to stuff things in! We have several photos of both generations sitting in them. One of Suz is her sitting in the basket on the washing machine as it spins (with an adult holding on, of course). She really loved doing that. (Front loaders are not the same, though–it was a top loader.)

    You could just buy a matching sized one to stack them, or you could get one of the folding mesh ones. I have those and I love them because they store flat in the laundry area when not in use. They cost a bit, but last a long time. (Of course, right now, and for the last 6 months or more, two of them have been “storing” 19 quilts! oops…)

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