Hunting at Goodwill

I went to Goodwill this morning, looking for a pretty tea cup. I want to make a pincushion and want it to look something like this.

I also was thinking about getting two tea cups, ones that would stack on top of eachother so that I could put safety pins in the cup below.

Here’s what I found.


Six white tea cups, all with their original Crate & Barrel price tags on them. I got two at 99 cents each. They stack perfectly.



And then I found this little cutie while I took a look around.


It’s very small, probably about the size of a jewelry box. It’s completely untouched wood. It needs to be painted and finished, and was just calling my name when I saw it.

  • How should I decorate it? Paint or decoupage, or both?
  • What am I going to do with it?
  • Keep it or give it away?
  • What would I put in it?

What fun questions to ponder. A neat project and lots of creativity for $3.50. Yay!

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