Craft project – Miniature tea-set box


A must-have for the treasure box: miniatures. Since V has a lot of little people, I was looking for a miniature plate set. Of course, I looked on eBay first and found super cute, ceramic, 12 to 1 miniature tea sets for a great price. I paid about $6 a piece for two sets with free shipping from Taiwan. Awesome!

I was looking for a little tin box I could put a set in; something easy for V to open by herself. I have a lot of saved Altoid mint tins and thought, what if I put the set in there? I tried and noticed the plates and cups rattling around so had the idea to line the base with a piece of cloth (I’m a lot more confident with Mod Poge adhesive now).

And then I had the brilliant idea, why not decoupage the top of the Altoid tin with material to make the box look like a table? I could even add little place mats. Wow! I went through my stash of scraps and wouldn’t you know it, I had some good stuff that would be suitable.

You’d be surprised at the number of websites there are with people decoupaging Altoid tins. People even create templates for finding the correct size for making cut outs. That was helpful.

I cut out material to just cover the inside base, and another piece for the top. I left some room so the original red from the tin top shows.


Then I glued the material and settings on. This is the top of V’s tin.


Here’s what she’s got inside.


I had a second tea set and am going to give it to some friends’ little girl.


Here’s the set inside. It’s a bit hard to see the lining, but it’s there.

Altoids_redo7Pretty cute… .

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