Sewing project – Birthday dress


How do I describe my sewing experience with this dress? Awful. Terrible. Yuck. Bleh. Hated it. Is sewing kids clothes supposed to be easy? Hardly. This was a painstaking endeavor and hardly worth the effort if I think about the fact that I could walk over to Ross and buy something even prettier for about $7. Here I worked on this for more than 4 hours and not only did it not come out as what was in the pattern, I had to make all kinds of adjustments to compensate for not throwing the whole thing in the trash, as I almost did — twice.

Ok, so it was my second attempt at making a “garment” of some kind, but really, I’d happily go back to quilt making after this.

The material is pretty, though. It’s got sparkles on it, not sure that’s visible in the picture. And the dragonflies are very cute.


I totally re did the top and made straps rather than the shoulder pieces that were in the original pattern. Basically, everything got ruined when I tried to put interfacing inside. But nevermind. It’s not even worth the effort it would to take to describe the mess of troubles I had. It’s done. I’m not doing it again. Ever (unless I’m lured in by a bolt of pretty material).


I didn’t even put in real buttons for fastenings. I sewed on velcro. After 4 hours, I wanted to get this off my work space as fast as possible.


Thank goodness kids grow out of clothes fast.

3 thoughts on “Sewing project – Birthday dress

  1. Well, I have to say for “Yucky” it came out really cute!! We all have our moments like these–even those of us who have been sewing for centuries!

    Probably your next one will go really well.

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