Great workbook for 2-year-olds

I saw this book at Borders books for cheap and decided to buy it. What a great find!

It’s called Let’s Learn to Think by Gakken. It’s got lots of activities for using motor skills like cutting and gluing (though I do all the cutting at the moment). There’s also tracing, role playing, or brushing a hippo’s teeth. The illustrations are super cute; colorful and large. Here’s an activity where you have to put stickers of food on a plate.

The stickers are on a sheet or two sheets at the beginning of the book.

I went back to Borders and bought all the books in the series ($3.99 a piece), 6 books for ages 2-4, total.

From the Let’s Make and Learn V has worked on gluing strawberries to a cake, and doing a matching puzzle where you glue on the pieces once you’ve figured out where they go. She understands what glue is and how to use it. We’re always careful with it and she insists on applying the glue herself (with help).

And check out this funny little illustration. This is perfect for us right now, as V and I talk about this a few dozen times a day.

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