Sewing project – Reverse applique handbag


V loves to carry a handbag when we go for walks. She likes to have her cat or bunny, or both, when we go out.

I’d wanted to make her a new bag for a couple of months now, but only got the inspiration now from reading a sewing book called Crafty Chica that used a flower applique as a design on a dress. I decided to do something similar for a bag.

Since I have scraps of really beautiful bold “marble” colors, I decided that would be perfect for V.


I chose blue as the main color, as it could be a sky to my flower, and decided for the pink as the lining. After I cut out the size of the blue material, I drew my design on the back. Then I cut the pieces out.


I cut out pieces of the colors I wanted to fill in and carefully sewed them in. I did this by holding the materials in place and sewing from the correct side of the blue, about an eighth of an inch away from the cut out.


When my design was done, I ironed a piece of interfacing on the back to make it perfectly flat and more firm.

Here’s kitty in the bag. Needless to say, V loves this bag.



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