Little suitcases

I had been looking for a little suitcase for V. I wanted something that was lightweight and small, but big enough to stash things like dolls or her collection of wood people. After searching on line and thinking about buying something vintage, or just plain old, I found these little suitcases, new, and fell in love.


They come from web shop called Land of Nod. They’re called “Euro Suitcases” and come in 3 sizes and a variety of colors. They’re made in the Czech Republic. Since I didn’t know what size I really wanted, and because they’re so darned cute, I got all three sizes. I’ll definitely find a use for all of them.


The smallest one I’ll use for V’s little “treasure box” that I have by my sewing table to keep her occupied while I do some sewing.

The red one could be used for doll clothes in the future. It will be fun to decide what to do with them.


They are made from cardboard and sewn together with heavy-duty thread. For sure I’ll have to do some decoupage on these to make them a little more firm. That will be fun too. Paper or material… ? I’ll see.

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