Crazy about keys

Crazy about keys — that would be me, not V. There’s just something I love about keys. Maybe it’s something about having a group of small shiny metal objects in your possession, I don’t know.

I remember that my dad used to have a huge ring of keys from his work that he would sometimes carry. I used to love to hold that big ring and flip through the keys one by one.

My favorite key is one I got while I lived abroad. It’s a special key, patented in Austria. I like it because it’s so unique.


I’ve been collecting a few sets for V, however, combining keys with other bright, shiny, interesting things.


And I’ve discovered an amazing key store close by. They specialize in nothing but keys and locks. They have several sets of discs made of brass and colored aluminum. I think they would be used to label keys, for example if a landlord has sets of keys for different apartments, maybe a disc with a number or letter would be on each set.


So I got some numbers and letters on mine. Something like this would be a great gift idea for personalizing a key chain, for example.


At the key store, they even had Hello Kitty keys. I had to get one of those. And I love the colored aluminum. I left all of them blank.


I’ve got all these keys and things together in V’s “treasure box”. I’ve put too many things in that box and it’s getting cluttered. Going through it is on my list… .

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