Sewing project – Small car organizer


I bought a Simplicity pattern for car organizers. I want to make something that can hang on the back of the driver-side seat, where I can store all kinds of things I use for V. Things like hand wipes, small toys, or a book or two. I found a good pattern, but I don’t have the material set aside for it and decided to start with a smaller project first.

This is what the picture on the pattern looks like.


I’d say mine came out pretty similarly, but I could have used a stronger interfacing to make the material more firm. Mine is not stiff enough. But I don’t know, maybe flexible is better.

I used the same set of material that I used for the living room pillow cases. I like the blending of these materials and I had just the right amount to complete it.


It was very tough getting the bias tape around the outside of the front pockets. I was sewing 9 layers of material in addition to the 4 layers of bias tape. My poor machine was really struggling through some parts of it. And the seem is not quite straight in some parts, but I was past caring really. It will hold up.


I made two of these. I’ll put one in the car, and the other, well, it will be a Christmas present for someone I suppose.


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