The BOSCH Kitchen Machine

I finally caved under pressure and bought a standing mixer. Up until now, I didn’t even own an electric hand mixer and instead used a crank hand mixer for any batter recipes. For our weekend pancakes it’s fine, and I’ll continue to use it for that.


But after making a 3-tiered cake for V with only this egg beater, I thought my hand would fall off. And since I make quite a lot of loaf bread and pastries from yeast bread, well, I suppose it was time for a real mixer.

Of course I began my search online and looked for the following requirements in a mixer:

  • quiet!
  • small/compact, and not too heavy
  • something with enough power for mixing bread dough

I found a machine that almost everyone who owned one loved. A “compact” stand mixer from Bosch.

I decided that I’d prepare two batches of dough, one of a pastry bread, and one of a black bread. When I mixed the ingredients for pastry bread I never get the dough to double in size. It would grow to be not quite double in size. With the mixer, the dough grew to huge proportions. I never had any idea my dough had such growing potential!

The black bread dough also grew larger than if I would have mixed it by hand. It didn’t grow as much as the sweet dough, but I didn’t expect it to, as the black bread is pretty dense with course grains.

The mixer is pretty small and it has a lot of excellent features such as a retractable cord that winds away when you are done with it, and lots of attachments to use on the motor head. It really is a 450-watt motor on a stand and using it as a mixer is only one way to use it.

It also comes with a blender attachment, and a shredder/dicer attachment.


For the blender, the head pivots down. Once it’s in the down position, the blender attaches to the top.


And have I mentioned how quiet this machine is? It is amazingly so.

I’m happy with it and so is IM. It’s an impressive appliance. It also has an attachment for making ice cream, though it needs to be purchased separately. I’m looking forward to getting that at some point in the future.

Cool machine!

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