Sewing project – Couch throw pillows


I finished my project of making 18 x 18 inch throw pillows for the living room couch, using the bundle of materials I got a few weeks ago. I used a total of 8 different coordinating materials.


Generally I’m pleased with it, but when I used double-sided iron-on interfacing between this top piece and a square of muslin material (as it said in the directions) and ironed everything down, I couldn’t quite get all the wrinkles out. It’s not quite smooth. It hardly shows when you look at the pillow in person, but here in the photo it shows. And you can see it if you look closely. I don’t know how I’ll get around that for the next time.

I made two of these pillows. They match our couch perfectly.


And I still haven’t finished my taxes. At least I’m half way done and thus don’t feel that guilty for spending my valuable time in other ways.

One thought on “Sewing project – Couch throw pillows

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  1. Nice! Puckering when you apply iron-on stuff is frequently an issue. I’d like to see the weights you were working with sometime. I may (or may NOT) have a suggestion to help?

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