Craft project – Wall art cat collage


I created my dog out of recycled letters from IM’s grandparents, but he looked too lonely on our wall and needed a companion. I was thinking about a cat, but didn’t know what material I could use for the collage. I decided I wanted to use something from my part of the family for this one. Since my grandmother is celebrating her 100th birthday this year and she is someone very dear to me, I decided to use some of the recipes that were hers that she gave me several years ago.


I loved finding recipes that are written in her own handwriting, like this one for fudge.


I also found recipes in German from her sister-in-law, and some in Spanish. The typed one was probably typed up by my grandfather. I remember my grandma telling me once that he liked to do that for her sometimes.


THe model for the cat came from a painting by Geoffrey Tristram. He paints very realistic cats. Mine hardly looks like this model, but I appreciated having it to work from.


The hardest thing for me to do to complete this project? Those pesky whiskers!

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