Craft project – Wood people

I’ve been meaning to work on these little guys and gals for some time now. Since V had been enjoying playing with the Fisher Price doll house recently, I decided to go for it and paint as many as I could do at one time. I did a bunch over a weekend.


I started with the boys first. I wanted them to have cool t-shirts.


The guy in the brown is supposed to have overalls. That one didn’t come out too well, but the others I’m satisfied with. I especially like the guys with the cat and dog motifs. Those are done with stamps.

The girls were fun, just because I wanted them to be super colorful.


I used stamps here too, and then used ink or colored pens for the fine detail. I made another set of girls and wanted these to have something sparkly on them. So I gave them necklaces.


Here are parents.


No, they aren’t the parents to all those boys and girls. I would have made more parents but I didn’t have anymore of these larger figures. I’ll have to get more. These are taller and broader than the others.

And then there are the babies.


How did V react when she saw them? I started working on them during her naps. Once she woke and started crying so I had to leave everything on the table and go get her. Then I forgot all about them sitting there and later when V walked by the table she saw them and got so excited. “Peoples! Peoples!” She needed to touch them even though I hadn’t put the finishing highlights, gloss, nothing. I had to do them with her sitting right next to me. I let her play with ones that were almost finished while I painted faces, hair, etc. on others. She was very patient though. She wanted to play with all of them but could understand what I was doing.

She’s got them all in her room now. They are happily cohabitating her doll house.


I bought the figures at Casey’s Wood Products. They have tons of stuff. I’d like to eventually get some wooden eggs and paint them in a Slavic style. But I’ll probably paint more people before I get to eggs. These guys were fun.

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