I hate balloons. I hate the smell of them, the texture, the sound they make when they rub up against things. And I especially hate it when they pop and make a loud noise. V loves them, however, so what could I do when she was begging for one while we were in the grocery store. Since it’s close to Valentine’s day, there are hundreds of them tied on to every end cap on every isle in the entire store.

Today is a special day for V, following a Slovak custom, so I decided to splurge and get her one — yes, $3.99 for a single balloon is a rip-off and/or a splurge. I asked her which one she wanted; there were so many different kinds in shape and color. She picked a silver sparkly one with a few animal characters on it. It’s pretty cute actually.


She was so excited to hold it, and then to actually take it out to the car. When I finally had her bucked in her seat and we were driving home she said, “Balloon. Auto. Inside.”

Oh, and she can’t say ‘balloon’, she says ‘badoo-doo-doo-doons’, even referring to a single one.

She played with it pretty consistently all throughout the day. Or she acknowledged it in some way by pointing at it or grabbing for it. Actually, I was surprised how much she loved it and enjoyed it all day. So yes, it turned out to be worth the $3.99. She’s never this crazy over the free balloons we sometimes get at another market.

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