A clean freak


V is a bit of a clean freak. She doesn’t like to have any food touch her fingers when she’s using utensils to eat (if she’s eating something with her fingers that’s different, however), and she’s always reaching for a burp cloth — we use them as table napkins now — to wipe her mouth almost every other bite. I’ll also often catch her sitting somewhere, examining the bottom of her feet removing crumbs or whatever that might be sticking to them.

So when I took out a small damp cloth to wipe the crayon marks off the wall — if you can imagine who put them there — she was so interested in that cloth and insisted she wanted to wipe the wall. Well, great! Then she wiped the stool by the kitchen, and then went on to the sliding glass door. She was happily wiping for a solid half an hour. Wow! That’s a long time for her to be doing the same activity. I had to stop her from moving on to the couch and wiping the pillows.

This afternoon I looked down and noticed I had a tomato-sauce stain on my pants. I pointed it out to V saying, “Uh oh”, and she said, “Wash it!”


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