For as long as I can remember having V, I’ve been looking forward to her getting excited about crayons and her coloring. I have many coloring books that I’ve bought over the years and have been looking forward to introducing them to her over time.

I first showed her crayons back in November of last year, when she was 19 months. It was too soon, as she’d not show much interest in them. I tried again at the end of December with better luck. I bought a blank tablet of paper and she began to scribble. It’s been about a month now and she’s gotten much better. Just today she realized she could actually use the crayon to draw something rather than just scribble. She drew a loop and said “circle.”

This is what our pictures typically look like. You can tell which parts I’ve done.


I’ve seen her try to color inside the lines but she’s not good at that yet, obviously. She needs a lot more practice. Lucky for her she’s got a mom who loves to color and who will be happily coloring right beside her for years to come.

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