Knife block and bread box re-do


In our kitchen, all the appliances are black. I got the idea to make some of our kitchen accessories that sit on our counter top black, too. Sure enough, I found people painting their knife blocks black. Seems like I’m not the only one with this idea.

I read a few blog posts about this and the writers both recommended spray paint. Ok, I thought. That seems like a good enough idea. I had never used it before, but it sounded so quick and easy. I bought spray paint, the kind that is considered safe for furniture and even childrens’ toys (or so it says on the can). But, oh man, this was the first and last time I will EVER use spray paint. What a scary experience! All those fumes! Yeah, I got everything done faster than if I would have used a paint brush and canned paint, but being near those fumes wasn’t worth the price I paid in saving time. Then I had to wait several days for my pieces to stop stinking like chemicals. Absolutely terrible!

Well, anyway, I’m happy with the results. They look great; much better than before. And they go along with the kitchen nicely.

I slightly sanded down both the block and bread box. I used a “flat black” so that the paint doesn’t have a gloss. It’s a neat color. Two coates was sufficient.


I still have to paint the inside of the bread box, but I will carefully do this with a non-toxic, water-based, acrylic paint. And I will be using a hand brush!


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